Legal Design: Concepts, methods, norms and examples

11–12 June 2020, City, University of London

This event is organised by Amanda Perry-Kessaris, Kent Law School, and Emily Allbon, City, University of London, under the auspices of the SLSA Seminar Competition with an award of £1527 and co-sponsored by the Centre for Law and Society (Cardiff), Kent Law School and City Law School

This two-day workshop will be the first of its kind in the UK; and the first globally to address the full spectrum of legal design, including legal practice, activism, policy-making, research and teaching. It will provide a vital capacity-building opportunity for socio-legal researchers to understand and engage, intellectually and physically, with legal design; so that they are better able to use, critique and support it. Through an innovative combination of presentations and design-driven ‘making things visible and tangible’ sessions, the workshop will explore:

  • How to think about legal design
  • How to do legal design
  • Where to find examples of legal design
  • How to assess legal design

Confirmed speakers:

A digital special issue of selected papers emerging from the event will (subject to standard peer review and approval processes) be published by the Journal of Law and Society.

An attendance fee will be charged and is expected to be in the region of £50.