Socio-Legal Newsletter

The Socio-Legal Newsletter was launched in 1989 to provide news and information to the socio-legal community. It is published three times a year, in the spring, summer and winter terms.

The newsletter is always in need of good ideas and contributions. Members and non-members are invited to contact the editor, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with their ideas and comments.

Newsletter sponsors

Since the autumn of 2007 the newsletter has been financed by generous sponsorship from UK law schools committed to promoting socio-legal studies. If you would like your institution to be involved in this initiative, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details of the scheme. Our current academic sponsors are: Birkbeck; Cardiff Law School; Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, Oxford; Keele UniversityKent University; Leeds Beckett UniversityLondon School of EconomicsNewcastle UniversityNorthumbria University NewcastleQueen Mary University of LondonQueen's University Belfast; University of BirminghamUniversity College London; University of Exeter; University of LeedsUniversity of LeicesterUniversity of LiverpoolUniversity of NottinghamUniversity of SheffieldUniversity of StrathclydeUniversity of Sussex; University of WestminsterUniversity of York; and Warwick Law School.

The newsletter is also sponsored by the Journal of Law and Society.

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Items for the newsletter are invited from members and non-members. Academics

at all stages of their careers are also encouraged to contribute. Possible ideas for submission are: 

  • articles and features on any subject of interest to the socio-legal community
  • responses or follow-up items to articles and features in previous issues
  • news items
  • information about conferences, seminars and workshops
  • details of forthcoming research projects and work in progress
  • research findings
  • information about courses
  • details of publications (recent or forthcoming)
  • announcements about promotions, new responsibilities, new initiatives, prizes and awards
  • ... anything else of interest to SLSA members.



The editor welcomes enquiries about the newsletter throughout the year. Members are reminded via the email network about copy deadlines and publication dates. The schedule is as follows:

Spring 2019: No 87

Now published

Summer 2019: No 88

Now published

Autumn/Winter 2019: No 89

Copy deadline: 21 October 2019

Publication date: 25 November 2019

Spring 2020: No 90

Copy deadline: 27 January 2020

Publication date: 2 March 2020

Summer 2020: No 91

Copy deadline: 18 May 2020

Publication date: 22 June 2020

Autumn/Winter 2020: No 92

Copy deadline: 19 October 2020

Publication date: 23 November 2020



The Socio-Legal Newsletter carries a limited amount of advertising on the back page and in the form of inserts. Current rates are: back page £600; inserts £350 (a surcharge for weight may be applicable). If you are interested in booking, please contact the editor. 







Contact details

The newsletter editor is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. tel 01227 770189.

Newsletter archive


Socio-Legal Newsletters from 2002 to present are available for download. 


 Summer 2002 Issue 37
 Winter 2002 Issue 38
 Spring 2003 Issue 39
 Summer 2003 Issue 40
 Winter 2003 Issue 41
 Spring 2004 Issue 42
 Summer 2004 Issue 43
 Winter 2004 Issue 44
 Spring 2005 Issue 45
 Summer 2005 Issue 46
 Winter 2005 Issue 47
 Spring 2006 Issue 48
 Summer 2006 Issue 49
 Winter 2006 Issue 50
 Spring 2007 Issue 51
 Summer 2007 Issue 52
 Winter 2007 Issue 53
 Spring 2008 Issue 54
 Summer 2008 Issue 55
 Winter 2008 Issue 56
 Spring 2009 Issue 57
 Summer 2009 Issue 58
 Winter 2009 Issue 59
 Spring 2010 Issue 60
 Summer 2010 Issue 61
Winter 2010 Issue 62
Spring 2011 Issue 63
Summer 2011 Issue 64
Winter 2011 Issue 65
Spring 2012 Issue 66
Summer 2012 Issue 67

Winter 2012 Issue 68

Spring 2013 Issue 69

Summer 2013 Issue 70

 Winter 2013 Issue 71

Spring 2014 Issue 72

 Summer 2014 Issue 73

 Winter 2014 Issue 74 

 Spring 2015 Issue 75

 Summer 2015 Issue 76

 Winter 2015 Issue 77

 Spring 2016 Issue 78

 Summer 2016 Issue 79

 Winter 2016 Issue 80

 Spring 2017 Issue 81
 Summer 2017 Issue 82
 Winter 2017 Issue 83

 Spring 2018 Issue 84

 Summer 2018 Issue 85
 Winter 2018 Issue 86
 Spring 2019 Issue 87