Open access

Following the Finch Review on Open Access (OA) that in summer 2012 recommended the gold version of OA, the SLSA Executive Committee has been monitoring the situation and responding as appropriate. 

In January 2019, the SLSA Executive Committee set up the Open Access Working Group following recent developments, particluarly with regard to the cOAlition S initiative of European research funders. In light of the forthcoming REF 2021, the Working Group has reviewed and updated the SLSA's Guidance on Open Access. The rules on OA for REF have not changed and our revised guidance restates them with advice to members regarding the options regarding submission and publication of papers.

Below, members will find a number of links to OA resources and advice currently available.

UK funders policies and guidance


UK Universities: policies and guidance


  • OpenDOAR: enables the identification, browsing and search for repositories
  • SHERPA FACT: checks if compliance with funder open access policies can be achieved with a particular journal
  • SHERPA REF helps authors and institutions decide whether a journal allows them to comply with the OA REF policy
  • SHERPA Romeo: enables researchers and librarians to see publishers’ conditions for open access archiving on a journal-by-journal basis


Blogs, websites and advice


General resources