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Research outcomes

The SLSA launched its Research Grants in 2000 and its Seminar Competition in 2007. Since then, many grantholders and seminar organisers have gone on to publish books, chapters, articles and blogs as a direct result of these activities. 

If you have been the recipient of an SLSA grant or seminar award that resulted in a subsequent publication, we would be grateful if you could send details so that they can be uploaded to this page in order to showcase the wide array of talent and intellectual diversity within the association.

Please send details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Outcomes are listed alphabetically by author surname.


Blackham, Alysia (2016) Extending working life for older workers: age discrimination, law, policy and practice, Hart


Collier, Richard (2013) ‘Rethinking men and masculinities in the contemporary legal profession: the example of fatherhood, transnational business masculinities and work-life balance in large law firms’ 13 Nevada Law Journal 101–30

Collier, Richard (2014) ‘“Love law, love life”: neo-liberalism, wellbeing and gender in the legal profession - the case of law school’ 17(2) Legal Ethics 202–30

Collier, Richard (2014) ‘Reflections on men, law and masculinities in an interdisciplinary context: rethinking the “man” of law’ in Nina Jakoby, Brigitte Liebig, Martina Peitz, Tina Schmid, Isabelle V. Zinn (eds), Männer und Männlichkeiten. Disziplinäre Perspektiven. Reihe Zürcher Hochschulforum, Vdf, Zurich

Collier, Richard (2015) ‘Naming men as men in corporate legal practice: gender and the idea of “virtually 4/7 commitment” in law’ 83 Fordham Law Review 101–20

Collier, Richard (2015) ‘Sources, methods and the “man question”’ 15(1) Legal Information Management 19–24

Collier, Richard (2016) ‘Wellbeing in the legal profession: reflections on recent developments (or, what do we talk about when we talk about wellbeing?’ 23(1) International Journal of the Legal Profession 41-60

Columb, Seán (2016) 'Excavating the organ trade: an empirical study of organ trading networks in Cairo, EgyptBritish Journal of Criminology Advance Access published 27 August 


Giddens, Thomas (2015) Graphic justice: intersections of comics and law, Routledge 

Girling, Evi and Seal, Lizzie (2016) 55(2) Howard Journal of Crime and Justice 267–376 special issue on Death in Punishment

Gulland, Jackie (2011) ‘"Quoting the law" and "knowing what’s relevant": welfare rights advisers’ use of knowledge in the advice relationship’, conference paper, SLSA Annual Conference, Brighton

Gulland, Jackie (2011) ‘Ticking boxes: understanding decision making in Employment and Support Allowance’ 18(2) Journal of Social Security Law 69–86

Gulland, Jackie (2016) Blog: Constructing incapacity for work

Gurnham, David (2016) 43(1) Journal of Law and Society 1–165 special issue on Law's Metaphors: Interrogating Languages of Law, Justice and Legitimacy; also available as a book published by Wiley-Blackwell


Holder, Robyn L and Daly, Kathleen (2017) 'Sequencing justice: a longitudinal study of justice goals of domestic violence victims' British Journal of Criminology: pre-publication version


Killean, Rachel (2016) 'Procedural justice in international criminal courts: assessing civil parties’ perceptions of justice at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia' 16(1) International Criminal Law Review 1–38


Macaulay, Fiona (2007) ‘Os Centros de Ressocialização no Estado de São Paulo: Estado e sociedade civil em um novo paradigma de administração prisional e de reintegração de ofensores’ (26) Revista de Estudos Criminais 63–86, also published in an online Brazilian criminology magazine (behind a paywall), available in English as 'Resocialization Centres in the State of Sao Paulo: state and society in a new paradigm of prison administration and offender rehabilitation'

Macaulay, Fiona (2015) ‘“Whose prisoners are these anyway?” Church, state and society partnerships and co-production of offender “resocialisation” in Brazil’ in Vivien Miller and James Campbell (eds), Transnational Penal Cultures: New perspectives on discipline, punishment and desistance, Routledge, 202–16.

Mallinder, Louise and O'Rourke, Catherine (2016) 'Databases of transitional justice mechanisms and contexts: comparing research purposes and design' International Journal of Transitional Justice

McCandless, Julie and Sheldon, Sally (2010) “No father required?" The welfare assessment in the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act (2008)’ 18(3) Feminist Legal Studies 20125

McCandless, Julie and Sheldon, Sally (2010) ‘The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act (2008) and the tenacity of the sexual family Model’ 73(2) Modern Law Review 175–207; also translated and reprinted in French, as (2013) ‘Le “Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act” de 2008 et la persistence du modèle de la famille sexuelle’ in S Hennette-Vauchez, M Möschel and D Roman (eds), Ce que le genre fait au droit, Dalloz, Paris

Monk, Daniel (2014) ‘Sexuality and children post-equality’ in Robert Leckey (ed), After Legal Equality: Family, sex, kinship, Routledge, 200–15

Monk, Daniel (2014) ‘Writing (gay and lesbian) wills’ 4(2) Oñati Socio-legal Series [online] 306–22

Monk, Daniel (2016) '"Inheritance families of choice?” Lawyers’ reflections on gay and lesbian wills’ 43(2) Journal of Law and Society  167–94

Monk, Daniel (2013) ‘Those in civil partnerships need to be aware of what happens to willsPink News


Patrick, Ruth and Simpson, Mark (2019) 'Conceptualising dignity in the context of social security: Bottom‐up and top‐down perspectives' Social Policy and Administration

Perry-Kessaris, Amanda (2003) ‘Finding and facing facts about legal systems and FDI in South Asia’ 23(4) Legal Studies 649–89

Perry-Kessaris, Amanda (2004) ‘Use, abuse and avoidance: Foreign investors and the legal system in Bangalore’ 12(2) Asia Pacific Law Review 161–89

Perry-Kessaris, Amanda (2008) Global Business, Local Law: The Indian legal system as a communal resource in foreign investment relations, Ashgate

Perry-Kessaris, Amanda (2009) ‘Enriching the World Bank’s vision of national legal systems and foreign direct investment’ in P Berling, J Ederlov and V L Taylor (eds), Rule of Law Promotion: Global perspectives, local applications, Iustus Forlag 271–86


Seal, Lizzie (2011) ‘Ruth Ellis and public contestation of the death penalty’ 50(5) Howard Journal 492–504

Seal, Lizzie (2014) Capital Punishment in Twentieth-century Britain: Audience, justice, memory, Routledge

Seal, Lizzie (2014) ‘Imagined communities and the death penalty in Britain, 1930–65’ 54(5) British Journal of Criminology 908–27

Simpson, Mark (2015) ‘As Scotland and Wales demand greater devolution Northern Ireland is handing power back to WestminsterDemocratic Audit, 9 December

Simpson, Mark (2016) Blog: The social union and the political union post-Cameron

Simpson, Mark (2016) 'The social citizenship of lone parents, 2010–2015: evolution and devolution' (PhD thesis, Ulster University)

Simpson, Mark (2016) 'The social union after the coalition: devolution, divergence and convergence' Journal of Social Policy 251

Simpson, Mark (2017) 'Renegotiating social citizenship in the age of devloution' 44(4) Journal of Law and Society 646


Turner, Catherine (guest ed) (2016) 7(2) Global Policy 256, special issue on Law and Negotiation in Conflict: Theory, Policy, Practice (contributors Turner, Waehlisch, O'Donoghue, Lamont & Pannwitz, Manjoo, Swaine)


Vanhala, Lisa (2015) 'The diffusion of disability rights in Europe' 37(4) Human Rights Quarterly 831–53


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