Socio-Legal Methodology Master Class

29–30 July 2019, St Catherine's College, Oxford

This year’s national Socio-Legal Methodology Master Class is being held at St Catherine’s College in Oxford on Monday 29 and Tuesday 30 July 2019.

This two-day methodology retreat brings together doctoral students and experienced socio-legal scholars who are working on empirical studies of law and legal phenomena. Now in its fourth year this methodology masterclass provides opportunities for students to examine the methodological, practical and ethical issues involved in exploring law from a socio-legal perspective. The focus this year will be on the interface between qualitative and quantitative methodologies and methods. More specifically we will be exploring the concept of mixed methods and triangulation, randomised controlled trials, content analysis of corporate reports, dilemmas when working in the field and using government statistics.

This event has been made possible with the generous support of the Oxford Centre for Socio-Legal studies, the Economic and Social Research Council, the Socio-Legal Studies Association and the Journal of Law and Society.

Booking is now open: see website for details.

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