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Centre for the Study of International Peace and Security

The Centre for the Study of International Peace and Security (CSIPS) is an independent virtual research centre that was established in 2016 with a vision of providing three core strands – research, education and dialogue.

The research component takes the form of publications such as country and thematic reports, policy papers, submissions to government and knowledge-products to industry and private sector clients. CSIPS also strongly believes in the need for improved education on peace and security issues and, through the use of workshops and conferences, promotes key elements of conflict resolution, problem-solving, peacebuilding, capacity-strengthening and raising awareness. Finally, through active dialogue in the form of closed-door meetings of representatives and diplomats, facilitation of back-channels and the promotion of new policy or processes that can facilitate peace, CSIPS aims to engage with key decision-makers, stakeholders and representatives of both government and non-state groups to facilitate the vital rapprochement needed for achieving peace and security.



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