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Poster exhibitions

In 2012, at our York Annual Conference, we introduced a poster competition. Here we bring together all the winning posters and some of the other entries to give a feel for the breadth and depth of the research of emerging socio-legal scholars.

After the cancellation of our Portsmouth 2020 conference, we hosted the Poster Exhibtion for that year on the SLSA Blog.


Chloe Atkins (2024)  ‘Navigating Domestic Violence & the Family Courts: Reading Risk & Hearing Harm’ 

Katie Morris (2023) 'Caring about food: rethinking the UK's approach to the right to food through Tronto's political theory of care' 

Sara McIlroy  (2022) ‘The family justice jigsaw: piecing together an investigative process

Caoimhe Kiernan (2021) 'Can affects inspired by the global feminist judgment projects influence the gender composition of judiciaries?'

Lara Tessaro (2021) 'Cosmetic compositions: enacting matter, time, and law with Canadian cosmetic product labelling (1933 - )'

Alexandra Murray (2020) 'What does disability look like? Personal independence payments, invisible disability and performing disabled identities

Jassi Sandhar (2020) '‘'I am free from the conflict now, but I do not feel free”: the experiences of child soldiers in Northern Uganda

Lauren Cooper (2019) ‘Do asylum seekers play an active role in their asylum appeal?

Rachel Maguire (2018) ‘Anonymity vs copyright law: regulating creativity in online communities

Jed Meers (2017) 'Shifting the place of social security: welfare reform and social rights in the UK'

Bruno Obialo Igwe (2016) 'The impact of domestic violence legal regulation and enforcement in Ireland on Nigerian immigrants'

Stacy Sinclair (2016) 'Designing + (dis)assembling disputes'

Eva Klambauer (2015) 'Sex workers as political actors between criminalisation and employment'

David Barrett (2014) 'To what extent can equality law be utilised to address socio-economic inequality in Great Britain?'

Rachel Cahill O'Callaghan (2013) 'Personal values an important element in the diversity debate'

A selection of other entries



Irene Sacchetti, 'The First "Climate Refugee": Teitiota v. New Zealand ... A Step Forward or Backward?'




Runner up

Emnani Subhi ‘Empowerment versus protection: what should sexual consent look like for adults with intellectual disability?


Highly commended



All the posters from 2020 are available on the SLSA Blog.

And from previous years ...

Titilayo Adebola Implementing obligations under Article 27.3(b) of TRIPS in the Global South'.

Amal Ali 'Law, gender and religious beliefs in Europe'

Salem Alshehrin 'The assessment of the right to trial within reasonable time in Saudi Arabia'

Hannah Donaldson, Mathilde Pavis, Shawn Harmon, Karen Wood and Abbe Brown 'InVisible difference: disability, dance and law'

Kyle Duggan 'No act is more person-specific than that of sex: a critical comparison of the judical apporach to capacity to consent to sexual relations in X City Council v MB, NC and MAB [2006] EWHC 168 and R v C [2009] 1 WLR 1786'

Naheed Ghauri 'State versus minority groups: can equilibrium on gender equality be reached?'

Ben Hudson 'A legal right to return? Human rights protection of internally displaced persons in international law'

Emma Jones 'The suppression of emotion in legal education'

Caroline Lynch 'Using generational order, intersectionality and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child to frame research about children's lives at complex sites of study: the example of the educational experiences of homeless children in England'

Elaine McLaughlin 'No recourse, no rights'

Sara Mohammadzadeh 'Is my ressearch dirty?: Exploring dirty research in academia'

Emma Nottingham 'The role of "public interest" in Gillick'

Katharine Parker 'The gender dilemma: barriers for female researchers in male-dominated environments'

Amanda Perry-Kessaris 'Communicating law through graphic design'

Leigh Roberts 'Social landlords and their control of anti-social behaviour perpetrated by mentally disabled occupants: a critical analysis of law, policy and practice'

Carolyn Shelbourn 'Prosecuting heritage crime in England and the United States: improving understanding of the impact of looting'

Louise Taylor and Simon Boyes 'LLM by MOOC: breaking down barriers to LLM study'

Judith Townend 'Defamation’s "chilling effect": mapping the social articulation of a legal concept'

Charlotte Woodhead 'Provenance: a legal and ethical narrative'

Andrew P Young 'Mental health and employment law'

Nicola Zoumidou 'Women solicitors in the UK: should they be treated differently?'







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